Dysgraphia, getting it onto paper


Dysgraphia is a specific learning difficulty that affects a student’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills.

This webinar will help educators to assist students by understanding the two types of dysgraphia and implementing teaching strategies to assist:

– Motor-based dysgraphia: involving difficulty with the mechanics of writing, awkward pencil grip and handwriting that is tiring, slow and sometimes physically painful

– Language-based dysgraphia: relating to difficulty in processing and sequencing ideas in writing

APST requirements met:
1.2 Understand how learners learn
1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific needs of learners across the full range of abilities
3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

Presented by:- Gail Preston
B.Ed, GDSE, MEPA, TEACCH Certified Practitioner


Our program facilitator Gail Preston has over 30 years’ experience in special education as a classroom teacher, specialist teacher, principal, academic and educational consultant. Gail has spoken at local, national and international conferences on various topics within the special education and inclusive practice fields.


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