Face to face workshops provide an interactive learning experience alongside fellow professionals working in your field.

Times, dates and numbers for these events are limited so please book in early to secure your place.

  • Oct 29

    Workshop by Gail PrestonTransition for children with additional learning needs: EI to Primary

    Tuesday Oct 29
    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    $100.00 (INC GST)

    A number of research studies have examined a range of social and demographic factors that can influence children’s early adjustment to school.

    This workshop will:

    – Review what the research tells us

    – Review ways to support the process of transition

    – Identify further supports for students with additional learning needs

    – Discuss academic and social success

  • Oct 29

    Workshop by Gail PrestonTransition for children with additional learning needs: Primary to Secondary

    Tuesday Oct 29
    12:30 pm-2:30 pm
    $100.00 (INC GST)

    The transition from primary to secondary school is a right of passage and with well managed preparation, young adolescents with additional learning needs can approach this major milestone with confidence.

    This workshop will assist:

    – Structuring successful meetings

    – Management strategies for both schools

    – Understanding student needs

    – Encouraging parent involvement

  • Oct 31

    Workshop by Gail PrestonTransition for students with additional learning needs: Secondary School to Tertiary Study

    Thursday Oct 31
    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    $100.00 (INC GST)

    Students will be challenged by the changes with this significant transition. There will be a new physical environment, different teaching and learning approaches, and new expectations of your graduating students.

    This workshop will:

    – Assist you to prepare students making this transition

    – Provide advice on how to support students to succeed in tertiary studies

    – Identify what students need to be aware of and expect in this learning environment

    – Provide strategies for the students to assist and trouble shoot their transition

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