Global Developmental Delay


There are important developmental milestones that children reach in speech and language, cognition, social functioning, motor skills and daily living activities that assist them to achieve positive outcomes. A delay for a child in these areas may lead to a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay.

This webinar will:

– Review the descriptors for diagnosis

– Discuss the causes

– Look at areas affected

– Suggest strategies for support

AITSL requirements met:
1.1 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of learners
4.1 Support participation of all learners
7.3 Engage with parents and carers

This webinar has been specifically designed to assist educators and parents to understand the developmental milestones.

All registrations are per person and one certificate is issued per registration.


Our program facilitator Gail Preston has over 30 years’ experience in special education as a classroom teacher, specialist teacher, principal, academic and educational consultant. Gail has spoken at local, national and international conferences on various topics within the special education and inclusive practice fields.


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