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All of the information delivered in our Live Webinars will be available for you to access on demand. (On Demand Webinars exclude live interaction with other participants or the presenter.)

  • Presented by Gail Preston Theory of Mind and Central Coherence

    Thursday Aug 9
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Theory of Mind and Central Coherence are two cognitive constructs affecting students with ASD that may pose learning challenges.

    The webinar will:

    – Provide you with an understanding of Theory of Mind and Central Coherence

    – Discuss impact on learning

    – Offer strategies to assist

  • Presented by Gail Preston What is Executive Function and why is it important for student learning?

    Wednesday Aug 8
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Executive Function skills help us to manage ourselves throughout the day, if these skills are underdeveloped or impaired it will impact and how individuals function.

    The webinar will:

    – Discuss the elements of executive function

    – Look at what happens when there a problem

    – Identify the skills involved

    – Provide interventions for supporting executive function

  • Presented by Gail Preston What is Autism Spectrum Disorder - and how does it affect students?

    Monday Jul 9
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Individuals with a diagnosis of ASD see the world differently and may require varying degrees of adaptions to help them manage their day.

    The webinar will:

    – Review the criteria for diagnosis

    – Discuss each area of criteria and how it relates to your students

    – Look at areas of comorbidity

    – Discuss strategies for intervention

  • Presented by Gail Preston What is ADHD and how does it affect students?

    Wednesday Aug 1
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Recent research has indicated that executive function skills in children and adolescents with ADHD has a considerable impact on learning.

    This webinar will:

    – Provide an overview to ADHD

    – Look at the signs and symptoms

    – Look at the importance of executive function

    – Discuss teaching strategies to support the day to day functioning

  • Presented by Gail Preston Language development and possible delays in young children

    Friday Jul 13
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Children acquire language milestones at different rates however, sometimes as practitioners we might be the first to see areas of concern.

    The webinar will provide you with:

    – A general overview of young children’s language development

    – Communicating your observations to parents regarding possible language delays

    – Practical activities and resources to encourage language development and learning

  • Presented by Gail Preston What is Intellectual Disability and how does it impact upon students?

    Thursday Aug 2
    $40.00 (INC GST)

    Intellectual disability affects individuals differently in regard to cognitive function, communication capabilities, socialisation and with daily living functions.

    The webinar will:

    – Review the criteria for Intellectual Disability

    – Review the categories and implications for each

    – Look at possible causes

    – Discuss how a child might present

    – Briefly look at behaviour

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